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Workflow Manager

What is the Workflow Manager

How to set up the Workflow Manager

How to use the Workflow Manager

Creating custom status workflows

Clients and files

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Creating and updating clients

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Client and file maintenance

Creating SMSF Clients



AU Integrations - SMSF Client List

AU Integrations - Trial Balance

AU Integrations - Class Super

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AU Integrations - Report Pack

UK Integrations

Trial Balance

Importing the Trial Balance as Custom CSV

Accessing and creating Custom Accounting Structure templates

Editing Accounting Structures

Mapping the Trial Balance

Editing and Exporting the Trial Balance

Working Paper Index

Microsoft Office Online

Working Paper Index overview and basic navigation

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Recording and summarising Journal Entries

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Completing programs, checklists and other workpapers

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Supporting Documents

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Adding and resolving Review Points

Lead Schedule Summaries and Lead Schedules

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Report Pack (SMSF Only)

Workflow Diagram

What is the Workflow Diagram

How to set up a Workflow Diagram

How to import a Workflow Diagram

File completion and archive

File completion, archive and lock

Printing and storing a file offline

Customising the Working Paper Index

Customising programs and checklists

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Creating new programs, checklists and forms

Customising the Review Point types

Creating new Lead Schedule Summaries and Lead Schedules

Creating Symlinks

Creating Analytical Review workpapers

External Firm Portal

External Firms and Users

External Firm Queries Workpaper

External Firm Portal

Digital Document Transfer

Client Portal

Client Portal – For Staff

Client Portal – For Your Clients

Firm templates

Accessing and creating firm templates

Adding template content

Customising template content

Edit sign-off roles

Audit | Audit and Exempt Content Packs (UK Only)

Audit Plan B40 (UK Only)

B33 Audit Plan (UK Only)

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Using the Analytical Review workpapers

Calculating Materiality

Audit | General Audit and Review Content Packs

Audit and Review

Customiser - Audit and Review

A Folder - Administration and Completion

B Folder - Completing the Audit and Review Plan

C Folder - Internal Control Evaluation

Importing and mapping the Trial Balance - Audit and Review 1.0

Audit | SMSF (Australia Only)

Customiser - SMSF (Australia Only)

Importing and mapping the Trial Balance - SMSF Audits (Australia Only)

A2 Audit Program (Australia Only)

B1 - Preliminary Engagement Activities (Australia Only)

B4 – Audit Strategy (Australia Only)

B5 Materiality (Australia Only)

B7 Risk Assessment (Australia Only)

How to access Administrator Portal and Queries (Australia Only)

SMSF 4.0

Audit | Trust Accounts (Australia Only)

Trust Account Templates (Australia Only)

Trust Account Clients (Australia Only)

Customiser - Trust Accounts (Australia Only)

A1 Assessment of Compliance (Australia Only)

A2 Summary of Breaches (Australia Only)

B2 Auditor or External Examiner Independence (Australia Only)

B5 Risk Assessment (Australia Only)

Year End

Year End | Generic

Year End | SMSF (Australia Only)

Periodic Files


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SMSF Audit and SMSF Administrators (Australia Only)

SMSF Audit (Australia Only)

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