Editing LiveSheets

1. LiveSheets give you the ability to add evidence directly into the Workpaper:



       Using the date button

Once the date format is selected either double click on the cell or press ENTER on the keyboard to select a date. The highlighted arrows can assist in date selection.


2. LiveSheets give you the ability to add and remove columns, rows and sheets; 


Note once a sheet is deleted it cannot be recovered.

3. The two viewing options:

a) To display the row and column headings i.e. A, B C and 1,2,3 and;

b) To display LiveSheets in full-screen.




It is not possible in the LiveSheets to do the following;

  • Undo or redo items;
  • Change Sheet names;
  • Enter advanced formulas;
  • More advance excel features.



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