How to Access Edit Accounting Structures

Editing an Accounting Structure can be done within a client file or from the Accounting Structure module.

mceclip0.png Note: If you edit from within the client file it will only apply to that file. If you want it to apply to all files you should edit the template from the Accounting Structure module.

Accessing Editing from Client File View

  1.  Select Trial Balance in the client file;
  2. Ensure the Trial Balance has been imported. See here for instructions on importing the Trial Balance. Once imported select the Tools button and the Edit Accounting Structure from the dropdown; 



Accessing Editing from Accounting Structure Module 

  1. Ensure you are in the Accounting Structure module;

  2. Select the accounting structure you would like to edit by clicking on the name within the list.


Editing an Accounting Structure 

1. The Profit and Loss tab will be displayed which you can begin editing



OR switching to the next tab will display the Balance Sheet which you can begin editing. 


     2. There are three different types of rows available in Accounting Structures;

Account Type

Account Types are similar to categories or headings. The most common ones used are:

  • Assets (Current Assets,Non Current Assets)
  • Liabilities (Current Liabilities, Non Current Liabilities)
  • Equity
  • Revenue OR Turnover
  • Expenses

Click here to learn more about editing Account Types. 

Lead Schedule 

Lead Schedules sit below account types and groups of Accounts from the Trial Balance will be mapped to them. 

Click here to learn more about editing Lead Schedules 


Formulas are usually Totals of different categories. The most common ones used are: 

  • Total Assets (Total Current Assets, Total Non Current Assets)
  • Total Liabilities (Total Current Liabilities, Total Non Current Liabilities)
  • Net Assets
  • Total Equity 
  • Total Revenue 
  • Gross Profit 
  • Total Expenses
  • Profit and Loss Before Tax 
  • Profit and Loss After Tax
  • Net Profit 

Click here to learn more about editing formulas. 







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