Editing and Adding Lead Schedules

Lead Schedules sit below account types and groups of Accounts from the Trial Balance will be mapped to them.You can customise your accounting structures by adding, deleting or renaming lead schedules. Any new lead schedules added will generate a new reference and folder within the working paper index.

Please follow steps in this article to access the pages shown below. 

Adding a Lead Schedule

  1. Hover right on an Account Type row.
  2. Select Lead Schedule from the dropdown menu and this will insert a lead schedule under the Account Type row chosen. 


Deleting a Lead Schedule

  1. Hover over the Lead Schedule you want to delete and an X will appear outside of the text box.
  2. Select this icon and it will remove the lead schedule from the accounting structure.


Renaming a Lead Schedule Name and Lead Schedule Reference

  1. Hover over the Lead Schedule name and a pencil will appear towards the right of the text box.
  2. Select the pencil icon.            
  3. Click within the text box and the cursor will appear for you to rename the lead schedule. On completion select the tick above the text box or to cancel the change of name select the cross.



Lead Schedule References

Please note that when an Accounting Structure is applied to a File. Lead Schedules will be allocated to the corresponding folder of the first one or two letters of the Lead Schedule Reference. i.e. E-1 Income would be allocated to Folder E of that file.  






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