Editing Formulas

Formulas are usually Totals of different categories. The most common ones used are: 

  • Total Assets (Total Current Assets, Total Non Current Assets)
  • Total Liabilities (Total Current Liabilities, Total Non Current Liabilities)
  • Net Assets
  • Total Equity 
  • Total Revenue 
  • Gross Profit 
  • Total Expenses
  • Profit and Loss Before Tax 
  • Profit and Loss After Tax
  • Net Profit 

Above are common items however any combination of lead schedules and other formulas can be used. Formulas can be added under an account type and/or a lead schedule, deleted and renamed.

Note: Signs will not be needed when inserting the formula as the calculations sum both debit and credit values from the trial balance.

Adding a Formula

There are two ways to add a Formula either by using the Add Formula button at the bottom of the Edit Accounting Structure page or by using a dropdown menu on an Account Type row. 

Formula button

  1. Click the "Add Formula" button to add a new Account Type row. Note that this button will add an Account Type to the bottom of the Accounting Structure.


Formula dropdown

  1. Hover over an Account Type row and from the plus dropdown select "Formula" button to add a new Formula row. Note that this button will add a Formula underneath that Account Type. 


Deleting a Formula

  1. Hover over the Formula you wish to delete and an X will appear outside of the text box.
  2. Select this icon and it will remove the Formula from the accounting structure. 


Renaming a Formula

  1. Hover over the Formula name and a pencil icon will appear towards the right of the text box.
  2. Select the pencil icon.           Rename_Formula_1.png
  3. Click within the text box and the cursor will appear for you to rename the account type.
  4. On completion select the tick above the text box or to cancel the change of name select the cross.


Editing Formula Calculations

  1. Hover over formula grey box.
  2. Select the pencil icon.Formula_ref_added.png
  3. Type part or all of an Account type, Lead Schedule, Lead Schedule Reference or Existing Formula to include. You can use the dropdown once typing the name by selecting what you require.Add_ref_to_formula.png
  4. To remove any references within the formula hover over the reference within the formula box and select the X icon.


Note the blue and black labels for Lead Schedules and Formulas are what are used to identify these rows in the formula calculation and are not used in anything else. 




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