Accounting Structures - Custom Templates

Once the Trial Balance has been imported you are able to map the accounts using an Industry Template or a Custom Template.  

An Industry Template is an Accounting Structure provided by MyWorkpapers with mappings for common software.

A Custom Template is an Accounting Structure that you have created unique to your clients. 

Creating a Custom Template gives the flexibility to produce Accounting Structures specific to your clients. The Accounting Structure can then be applied to multiple files and carried forward to following periods.   

Custom Templates are any templates which have been saved through the Accounting Structure module via the dashboard or the Tools button above the Trial Balance within a client file. Only active Accounting Structure Custom Templates  can be applied to imported trial balances.

To create a Accounting Structure please refer to Editing an Accounting Structure.

Map a Trial Balance with Custom Template

  1. Once the Trial Balance has been imported select the Tools button;



2. Hover on Map Accounting Structure (Custom Template) and the templates listed are available to be mapped to the trial balance; 



 3. Select the Custom Template and map the lead schedules based on those available in the dropdown. The lead schedules dropdown is a list of those within the Custom Template.  


 4. Select the Trial Balance dropdown for both the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and this will be populated using the Custom Accounting Structure Template.


p_l.PNG    bs.PNG

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