Mapping Accounting Structure Templates

Once the Trial Balance has been imported you are able to map the accounts using an Industry Template or a Custom Template.  

Industry Templates

An Industry Accounting Structure Template is an Accounting Structure provided by MyWorkpapers with mappings for common software and Accounting Structures.

Note you may wish to use one of our Industry Accounting Structures, however it is possible the account codes may not match the items we have as all software is different. This means on the first import of your trial balance you will need to map the accounts to the correct lead schedules. Once this is done you can save this Accounting Structure and then follow Custom templates below for future trial balances. Click here for information on saving Account Structure Templates. 

In order to map to an Industry Template you must be within a client file with a Trial Balance already imported. Click here for information on importing a Trial Balance.

Custom Templates

A Custom Template is an Accounting Structure that you have created and saved which is unique to your clients. 

Creating a Custom Template gives the flexibility to produce Accounting Structures specific to your clients. The Accounting Structure can then be applied to multiple files and carried forward to following periods.   

Note only Accounting Structure Custom Templates with a Released status can be applied to imported trial balances.

For more information on Accounting Structures please refer to Editing an Accounting Structure.

Map an Accounting Structure

  1.  Once the Trial Balance has been imported select the Tools button;


   2. From the drop down menu either select 

a. Map Accounting Structure (Industry Templates) which will return a list of general and accounts production providers and then a further dropdown menu as hovering over the options allows you to specify the file template;


b. Map Accounting Structure (Custom Template) and your unique released templates that are available for Mapping;


3.  This may take a short while to generate, remain on the page for the Template to update;


4.  Once the accounts have been prepared the lead schedules will be populated; 


5.  Select the Trial Balance dropdown for both the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and you will see they have been generated according to the relevant template. 


p_l.PNG       bs.PNG


To re-apply another Accounting Structure select the Clear mapping (reset accounting structure) from the Tools dropdown and then re-select another template.


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