Mapping the Trial Balance

Once you have imported the client's Trial Balance, you now must map the Trial Balance to gain the full efficiencies and use all of the features included in MyWorkpapers.

The mapping process is key to automatically populate lead schedules, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet with client Trial Balance data, as well as to allow you to automate many of the workpapers throughout MyWorkpapers, including the materiality workpaper.

To map the trial balance, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the client file, click on the Trial Balance tab;

  2. For each account imported, select the Lead Schedules - being the lead schedule/folder of the Working Paper Index which you want the account to be assigned to. Please note accounts that are not mapped will be highlighted red. 


Mapping Multiple Accounts

To speed up the manual mapping process, you are able to map multiple accounts at once. To do this, simply:

  1. Check the box of the first desired account to map (e.g. 227 Rent);

  2. Hold the Shift key;

  3. Check the box of the last desired account in the sequence (e.g. 233 Light and Heat);

  4. All of the accounts between the two selection points (i.e. 232 Insurance) will now be selected;

  5. Map the accounts using the drop down menus.

TIP: Once you have imported and mapped the trial balance, compare the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to the client draft or management accounts to ensure you have mapped everything correctly.

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