Updating Firm Templates

If your firm takes advantage of the MyWorkpaper Firm Templates functionality it is recommended that you complete the following procedures to use for new 30 June 2017 files.

The below procedures take the approach of using the new SMSF 5.0 content as the base content, with any customisations being the addition of any specific firm workpapers or edits to the existing content.

Creating a Firm SMSF 5.0 Template

  1. Access the Manage Templates feature from the Dashboard

  2. Click New Template
  3. Provide an appropriate name for the new template
  4. Set the Template Type is to SMSF
  5. Click Create
  6. Once in your new template, click on the Working Paper Index drop down arrow and select Copy Workpapers from other Files
  7. In the search field, enter SMSF 5.0 and press the search icon
  8. Select SMSF 5.0 from the search results
  9. Tick the select all tickbox at the top of the menu
  10. Click Import
  11. Once all of your workpapers have been successfully imported, click on the Working Paper Index tab to return to your template


  1. If you have created customised workpapers in an existing Firm Template you are able to use Copy Workpapers from other Files to search for your prior year Firm Template and copy in any customised workpapers or folders into a new Firm Template.
  2. Do not copy in A2 Audit Program from your existing Firm Template if you have already copied in A2 Audit Program from SMSF 5.0 as you will break the Customiser.
  3. Do not try to delete an SMSF 4.0 A2 Audit Program from your file or Firm Template and try to reimport the SMSF 5.0 A2 Audit Program as you will break the Customiser.

Customising the Content

If not previously done, you should now familiarise yourself with the SMSF 5.0 content to understand what each workpaper includes and how this compares to SMSF 4.0 / your current Firm Template. Once you fully understand the content of SMSF 5.0, you are now ready to begin adding, editing or deleting specific content for your firms use.

For more information on customising content of your Firm Template please see our help centre article here.

Releasing and Using your new Firm Template

Once you have finished customising your firm template, it is time to release the template and archive the superseded template.

  1. Access the Manage Templates feature from the Dashboard
  2. Set you superseded template as Archived, this will remove it from the available list of template when creating files or rolling-over
  3. Set your new Firm Template as Released
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