Import Clients - Class, SimpleFund 360 and SuperMate

For Class, BGL SimpleFund 360 and SuperMate clients you are able to take advantage of our Import Clients function.

Click here to watch a short video on how to use the Import Clients function for Class, BGL SimpleFund 360 and SuperMate clients, otherwise please click here for instructions on how to manually create clients in MyWorkpapers.

Note_icon.png Note for Class: On users can only import Clients if you have full access to funds in Class. 

To create a new client, simply:

  1. Access the Client list;

  2. Select Import Clients;

  3. Select the administration software that you or your administrator uses;
  4. Enter your login details;

  5. (Class only) Select the Brand code from the dropdown menu;

  6. Select the User Type. For Year End | SMSF Users select Administrator and for Audit | SMSF select Auditor;

  7. Import the funds;

  8. Access the Client List;

  9. (Class only) For each fund imported reconfirm the User Type, select Import and reconfirm login details;

  10. For Year End | SMSF users create Client Logins. For more information on creating Client Logins see here.









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