Activating the Report Pack

Activating the Report Pack

To be able to access the Report Pack button located on the Working Paper Index a trial balance from Class or Simplefund 360 must be first imported. 

For instructions on importing a trial balance from Class see here and for Simplefund 360 see here.

Note that once the trial balance has been imported a list of reports that are available will display. It is not until the report has been sent to the Working Paper Index that the report is generated from Class or Simplefund 360. See Sending Reports to the Working Paper Index for more information.

Report Pack Listing

The reports listed below are currently available for access. MyWorkpapers are continuously adding to the reports available from Class and the list below will be updated to reflect the reports available. The reports listed for Simplefund 360 are those that BGL have made available through the integration.

Please note that if that particular fund has no data for a report the report will be listed but will contain no information.

Class Report Pack

  • Class Audit Workpapers
  • Bank Account Movements
  • Cash Reconciliations
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Detailed Investment Transactions
  • General Ledger
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Profit or Loss / Operating Statement.
  • Tax Reconciliation
  • Investment Summary
  • Rental Statement
  • Member Statement
  • Realised Capital Gains
  • Unrealised Capital Gains
  • Investment Strategy Comparison
  • Summary Investment Income
  • Distribution Reconciliation Report
  • Detailed Investment Income
  • Investment Movement
  • Investment Performance
  • Investment Statement
  • Member Contributions
  • Pension Payments

BGL Simplefund 360 Report Pack

  • Investment Summary
  • Investment Summary with Data Source
  • Feed Provider Listing
  • General Ledger





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