Letter Headers

The Letter Header feature allows you to add a letterhead to our template letters as well as any Livedocs in a file.

Add a Letter Header to your Firm 

  1. Access your Firm Settings (see here) and expand on Firm Details;

  2. There will be two blank pictures, select edit header;

  3. Search the picture from your device and once displayed select Upload Header;


 Re-position Letter Header 

  1. Select Firm Settings and expand on Firm Details;

  2. Select the image position of where you want the letter header displayed under the Letter Header section;

    Note: This will re-position the letterhead on all existing documents.


 Add a Letter Header to a LiveDoc

  1. Open your File;

  2. Within the LiveDoc select the Options button;

  3. Tick Show Letterhead and whether you would prefer the letterhead to print on the first page or all pages of the document;

To View the Letter Header

  1. Open your file;

  2. Select the File drop-down and select Print View or Print View (Content Only);

  3. From the print preview page select the pdf icon and you will see the letterhead image displayed above the content of the document.

  4. Review the PDF document Header and Footer




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