Letter Footers

The Letter Footer feature allows you to add a letterfooter to our template letters as well as any Livedocs in a file.

Add a Letter Footer to your Firm 

  1. Access your Firm Settings (see here) and expand on Firm Details;

  2. There will be two blank pictures, select edit footer;

  3. Search the picture from your device and once displayed select Upload Footer;


  Re-position Letter Footer

  1. Select Firm Settings and expand on Firm Details;

  2. Select the image position of where you want the letterfooter displayed under the Letter Footer section;

  Note: This will re-position the letterfooter on all existing documents.


Add a Letter Footer to a LiveDoc

  1. Open your file;

  2. Within the LiveDoc select the Options button;

  3. 2. Tick Show LetterFooter and whether you would prefer the letterfooter on the first page or all pages of the document;

To View the Letter Footer

  1. Open your file;

  2. Select the File dropdown and select Print View or Print View (Content Only);

  3. From the print preview page select the pdf icon and you will see the letterfooter image displayed above the content of the document.
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