Electronic Signatures

The Electronic Signature feature allows you to add Signatures to our template letters as well as any Livedocs in a file.

Add, change or remove a Signature to your profile

  1. Select Staff List from the from the Dashboard dropdown;

  2. Find your name and click the blank picture;

  3. Search your device for the image and select open;

  4. Select update next to image;

  5. To amend re-select the image and once changed select "Update Profile";

  6. To remove the Signature select remove under the image. 

Add a Signature to a LiveDoc

  1. Open a file;

  2. To Edit the Document select the File dropdown and then Edit Mode from the list or select Edit Document;

  3. Ensure the cursor in the body of the text is where you want the signature to be;

  4. Select Data Fields and scroll through the items in the dropdown for your signature;

  5. Select Save Changes and then Exit Edit Mode.


To View the Signature

  1. Open your file;

  2. Select the File dropdown and select Print View or Print View (Content Only);

  3. From the print preview page select the pdf icon and you will see the letterhead image displayed above the content of the document.

Note: You have the ability to add as many Signatures as you need providing they are part of the engagement team for that file and have an image uploaded. 




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