Sending Reports to the Working Paper Index

Reports can be sent to the Working Paper Index individually or in bulk via the Send to WPI buttons. Reports need to be referenced to the file before they can be viewed or downloaded. 

Sending Individual Reports to Working Paper Index

  1. Open the Report Pack from the Working Paper Index;

  2. Select Send to WPI next to the applicable report you wish to reference to the file;

  3. Select the folder, supporting document reference and name for the report;
  4. The latest report will then be uploaded to the file (see information on Refreshing Reports).

Sending Multiple Reports to Working Paper Index

  1. If a user wishes to send more than one report to the Working Paper Index at a time the checkboxes can be used to select the reports required;

  2. Select the Bulk Send to WPI button at the top left and select the folder. Please note you cannot select the workpaper reference or description for each report selected using this method. 



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