Viewing PDF Documents


To benefit from the PDF Previewer the PDF file has to be either dragged and dropped into the Working Paper Index or created as a New Workpaper (see below). For more information on uploading supporting documents please see Drag and drop supporting documents - into Working Paper Index.  

Please Note:

  • PDF documents uploaded directly to a workpaper or uploaded via the Administrator Portal and Client Portal and referenced to the file cannot currently benefit from PDF Previewer.

PDF Viewer

Drag and Drop into Working Paper Index

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index;
  2. Drag and drop the supporting document into the Working Paper Index;
  3. Once the workpaper has been created open the document from the Working Paper Index;
  4. The PDF document will be displayed on the face of the workpaper;


   5. From this view you can Zoom in/out, download and print the document;


   6. You can edit the document with our PDF annotation functionality by clicking the Edit PDF button. Click here to view more information about editing PDF documents.



New Workpaper

You can also view PDF documents by using the New Workpaper feature within a file and selecting a PDF document from your device to upload.

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index;

  2. Click on the Working Paper Index drop-down arrow and select New Workpaper;

  3. Fill in the required fields displayed, ensuring that the Type is set to Supporting Document and choose the PDF file;
  4. Refresh your browser.



You can replace supporting documents either in the Working Paper Index or within the workpaper.

In a Workpaper

  1. If you replace a PDF document with another PDF document the preview image will update after selecting refresh;

In Working Paper Index

  1. To replace a supporting document with another supporting document simply drag and drop the new supporting document over the original document until drop here to replace appears;
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