Creating custom status workflows

MyWorkpapers Workflow Manager provides you with a default statuses for SMSF files and SME files. However, you are able to customise the statuses for your firm and for specific templates.

The first steps in creating customised Workflow Manager statuses for your firm is to access the templates module in MyWorkpapers and create a template file. Our Help Centre details more information on accessing Manage Templates.

In addition to the information provided below a short video on creating custom workflows can also be viewed here.

  1. To create your own status workflow select Dashboard and Manage Templates;
  2. Select the specific template you would like to create a customised status workflow for;
  3. Select Edit statuses;
  4. Enter the names of the statuses you wish to include as part of your template and select Add;
  5. If you want a particular status to be a notification status, simply select Notify;
  6. A status may be reordered, edited or deleted.

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