What is MyWorkpapers

MyWorkpapers is a web-based software developer providing affordable, compliant, easy to use software applications to assist accountants and auditors in complying with mandatory and Professional Standards. The strength of MyWorkpapers is found in both their accounting and software experience.

MyWorkpapers has an extensive background in, and understanding of, the audit and accounting environment. Our key personnel has a wealth of practical audit and accounting experience, including over 20 years of experience training accountants and auditors, developing programs for the professional accounting bodies, and holding senior positions with country corporate regulators. Our key personnel is also award-winning leaders in the software industry, winning numerous business awards.

The use of cloud technology means audits can now be completely paperless. All documents can be accessed from any web browser and audits can be completed and approved anytime, anyplace. Embracing cloud capabilities allows audits to be completed in a much more efficient way, saving time on every audit job.

Furthermore, the use of cloud technology means that the application will always be compliant. We will provide regular compliance updates for the application, so there will never be a need to install a 'latest version'.

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