Your Files

Your Files 

On your home dashboard, you will find a “Your Files” section tailored to you and your permissions. Depending on what permissions you have on MyWorkpapers, will determine whether you will see all files on the account or only files in which you are part of the engagement team in this graph. 



 The graph has been provided to give you a snapshot of the percentage of file which have either been; 

  • Archived 
  • Completed 
  • Not Started; or 
  • In Progress 


The above screenshot is an example of how your files will display once you start working on the system. The statistics shown will be based on an individual basis, so this will only show the statistics of files in which you are part of the engagement team. 


Drilling into the information 

When viewing the pie chart, you have the ability to drill down into each section by click into the segment. For example, if you have the pie chart showing 50% “In Progress” and “50% completed”, you could click the “In progress section of the pie chart to show you which file specifically is in progress as seen below;  




1. Hover you mouse over the section you wish to drill down into; 



2. Select the section and you will now see all files in that section; 



Displaying Statistics by Financial Year 

By default, the Your Files widget will default to display the most recent financial year. At any time you can review the statistics of another financial year by selecting the required year from the settings drop down menu. 



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