Copying workpapers

The copy workpapers feature in MyWorkpapers allows you to copy workpapers from other engagement files, as well as from firm and industry templates. This function can save you valuable time and money, as you no longer need to reproduce a workpaper in each engagement file. This chapter will show you how to copy workpapers between different engagement files.


To copy workpapers from another engagement file, simply:

  1. Ensure you are in the engagement file that you wish to add content to;

  2. Click on the Working Paper Index dropdown arrow and select Copy Workpapers from other Files;

  3. On the Copy Workpapers menu, type the name of the file, firm template or industry template which you want to copy content from and press Enter on your keyboard;

  4. Select the appropriate file from the search results by left clicking on the file;

  5. From the Working Paper Index displayed on the right side of the screen, select the folders or the individual workpapers which you want to copy into your template;

  6. Select the Import Options as required (details of each of these are listed below);

    Import Options Explanation
    Import Data Tick to import references and comments from a workpaper (does not import procedure of workpaper sign off details).
    Override existing workpapers if form being imported already exists Tick to replace existing forms with the new forms being imported for those workpapers with the duplicate reference numbers.
    Force import in new folders Tick to import workpaper with duplicate reference numbers into a new separate folder.
    Reorder Working Paper Index Tick to order your imported folders and files in an alphabetical order.
    Import all Customiser questions Tick to import the Customiser questions from a file or firm template. Important to select if setting up a new firm template.
  7. Click Import;

  8. Your files have now been imported, click on the Working Paper Index button to return to your engagement file.



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