Adding new review point types

To add a custom review point type in an engagement file, simply:

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index of the client;

  2. Click on the Working Paper Index menu and select New Workpaper;

  3. On the New Workpaper menu:

    1. Enter a Workpaper Reference;

    2. Enter a Workpaper name;

    3. Select the Type as Review Points;

    4. Select the Section you want the workpaper to be inserted


  1. Click on the Create button;

  2. Open the Section in which you inserted the new review point type and drag and drop the file to the desired place within the Working Paper Index;

  3. Your review point type is now ready for us.


TIP: Keep all of the review points type documents together in the Review Points section for easy navigation

TIP: You can create as many review point types as you want in an engagement file - consider adding review point type for individual staff for increased flexibility

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