Engagement file based on an industry template

When there are updates or changes to legislation and standards, we at MyWorkpapers will make the necessary updates to ensure that you are always using the most up to date content.

If you create a new file (based on an industry template) after we've made content updates, your file will appear no different than normal. You can begin working knowing that you have the most recent content.

If you have created you client file (based on an industry template) and are part way through your engagement when we release content updates, then you will receive the below notifications.

When you begin your engagement, your Working Paper Index will normally appear like this:



To provide you with an example:

When you open the program A1 Audit Planning Program, it will appear as per normal:

If MyWorkpapers were to update the content in A1, the program would receive a red notification that contains a white exclamation mark in your Working Paper Index:

When you open up A1 Audit Planning Program in view mode, you will see the same red notification. If you hover over the notification, it will inform you that there are new updates to the content of the workpaper.


When you select the red notification, you will be taken to the following screen:

At this stage, you can choose to accept all updates within the program by selecting the Accept all updates button, or reject all updates by selecting the Reject all updates button.

You can also view and edit all updates individually, by scrolling through the program until you see the new content appear as follows:


At this stage, you can choose to accept the update by selecting the tick mark button, or reject the update by selecting the cross button.

Once you've selected or rejected the update, you can close out of Edit Mode and continue on with completing your engagement.

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