Mercia Content Updates

The below templates have been amended in MyWorkpapers for Mercia content changes.

Please click on the relevant link to download a copy of the Mercia "What's Changed" document for the appropriate template(s). This document provides you with an overview as to all of the changes made to the templates, as well as the reason for the changes.

You should ensure that these changes are reflected in your audit files as required to comply with the Auditing Standards and other legislative requirements.


Current Versions

The following is the current list of Mercia templates in use in MyWorkpapers, along with the date released by MyWorkpapers.

Template Mercia Manual Release Date What's New
Charities 16.0 09 Jul 2019 Click Here
Pension Schemes 11.0 03 Oct 2019 Click Here
Limited Companies 15.0 19 Feb 2019 Click here
Academies 10.0 07 Aug 2019 Click here
Limited Liability Partnerships 12.0 15 Dec 2017 Click here
Solicitor Trust Account Rules 9.1 31 Aug 2016 Click here
Exempt - Limited Companies 16.0 19 Feb 2019 Click here
Exempt - Unincorporated Businesses 16.0 19 Feb 2019 Click here

Want to what changes were made to older versions? Click here to access the archive.


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