Embedded LiveSheets

Embedded LiveSheets give you the ability to add evidence directly into a workpaper. The workpapers in the Trust Account industry templates already contain Embedded LiveSheets (see sample below) but it is simple to add them within any workpaper including workpapers in a Firm Template.
TA_4.pngTo add an Embedded LiveSheet into a workpaper;

  1. Access Edit Mode via the File dropdown menu;
  2. Add a new LiveSheet BETA section to your workpaper;
  3. Make edits to your new section include reorder (move) the section, edit and display/hide title and enter section guidance;
  4. Close Edit Mode;

See our Help Centre article on Editing LiveSheets for guidance on editing the content of the LiveSheet.

It is not possible in the Embedded LiveSheets to do the following:

  • Undo or redo items;
  • Change Sheet names;
  • Enter advanced formulas;
  • More advance excel features.
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