File menu

Under the File menu is each of the following sub-menus and their function:

  • Edit Mode
  • Reset Form
  • File Notes
  • Activity Feeds
  • Edit Sign-Off Roles
  • Language & Regional Settings
  • Engagement Team Permissions
  • Print > Print View
  • Print > Print View (Content Only)
  • Export > Export entire File as Zip archive
  • Completion and Archive
  • Close File

Note: The File menu may differ slightly depending on the type of file.

Edit Mode

You can use Edit Mode when you are in an MyWorkpapers program or checklist to:

  • Add new procedures or checklist items;

  • Modify procedures;

  • Delete procedures;

  • Add sections; and

  • Delete sections.

Reset Form

You can use the Rest Form button when you are in a program or checklist to reset the form to the standard form in the template used to create the file.

You may need to use this button on occasions when you highly customise the form and need to start over.

Warning: All data, including references and comments, will be lost if you click this button.

Activity Feeds

A shortcut button to access the Activity Feeds for the file.

Edit Sign-Off Roles

You can use the Edit Sign-Off Roles button to customise the sign-off roles for each file. 


Engagement Team Permissions

This area allows you to update the access permissions for members assigned to the engagement team on this particular file.

Print > Print View

If you need to print any document or screen in MyWorkpapers, you will first need to access the print view to make the document or screen print friendly.

From the print view screen you are able to print the document to your local printer or save the screen as a PDF.

Print > Print View (Content Only)

Select this option to print a 'clean' workpaper without the completion details from along the top of your workpaper

Export > Export entire File as Zip archive

If you wish to save your file as a PDF to share with others who are not part of the engagement team or to store a copy on your local server, you can do this by selecting this option.

Completion and Archive

Marks the file as complete and you are able to set the file to read-only mode, ensuring no changes are made to the file once it has been completed.

Close File

Closes the file and returns you to your landing page, as selected in your profile.


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