Trial Balance format

Once you have exported the client trial balance to an appropriate format, we recommend that you complete the following checks to ensure the validity of the data:

  • Ensure the account number, account name, debit, and credit columns are displayed;

  • Ensure the debit column equals the credit column;

  • Ensure there are no duplicate account numbers or account descriptions in the trial balance as MyWorkpapers will collate duplicate accounts into a single line item. For example, if two accounts have a description of 'Repairs and maintenance, we suggest calling one account 'Repairs and Maintenance 1' and the other 'Repairs and Maintenance 2';

  • Ensure the account name description does not contain any commas or quotation marks;

  • Ensure you remove the total of the debit and credit column before you import the trial balance;

  • Ensure that the debit and credit values have been formatted to remove dollar signs $$ and a thousand separators 100,000,000. We recommend that the cells are formatted as 'general' in Microsoft Excel.

Before import, you must label each of the column headings in the exported trial balance appropriately. The columns displayed need to include:

  • Account Number;

  • Account Name; and

  • Debit and Credit Columns (in a single or double column format).

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