Updating the Trial Balance of a Class Super Fund

Step 1 - Log in to Class Super

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index of the Fund you want to update the Trial Balance for;

  2. Click on Working Trial Balance | Import Working Trial Balance;

  3. Select Class as your import source;
  4. On the Import screen, enter in your Class username and password;
  5. Click Connect to securely connect to Class Super.


Step 2 - Re-import the Fund

  1. On the Import from fund menu, all items are locked down  and cannot be edited. If you need to edit, you can click on the Lock icon to unlock  and reimport a new fund (however when reimporting updated Trial Balances for the same Fund, this step is not necessary);
  2. Other options;

    Ensure Delete existing imported data is unticked. If you tick this all of your work will be deleted. (Only use this when you are changing the fund or importing into a brand new file).

    Only use Set all adjusted accounts as unadjusted if you have used the Journal Entries Menu and have adjusted journals which are no longer required.

  3. Click Reimport from this fund.

Step 3 - Review your import

You have now successfully reimported your trial balance figures for the fund into MyWorkpapers with all evidence, references and tick marks being retained on Lead Schedules.

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