Adjusted vs Unadjusted Journals

During the course of your engagement, there may be times when the client's trial balance will be adjusted, or when you discover adjustments which you want to compile for consideration at the completion of the file. The adjusted and unadjusted journals features in MyWorkpapers quickly and easily allows you to change a journal from adjusted to unadjusted for these purposes.

Types of Journals in MyWorkpapers


This is an adjustment which the client has agreed to, or provided to you during the course of the engagement. Completing the journal and selecting Adjusted from the journal type drop down box will result in the journal flowing through to the Working Trial Balance and all subsequent workpapers and lead schedules.


These adjustments are recorded for consideration at the completion stage of the engagement and do not impact on the Working Trial Balance or other documents in MyWorkpapers, unless they are changed to an Adjusted entry.,

There are three basic unadjusted types which you are able to select from:

Unadjusted - Factual

Unadjusted - Judgement

Unadjusted - Projected

The use of these journal types allows you to quickly and easily view the nature of the unadjusted difference for discussion with management and consideration at the completion stage of your audit.

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