Resolving a Review Point

When a Review Point is added to a file, it will need to be marked as resolved before the partner can sign off on the report.

Mark a Review Point as Resolved

  1. Access the Review Points Summary by clicking on the Review Points tab on the functions toolbar;

  2. Identify the Review Point you wish to mark as resolved;

  3. Insert appropriate details of how the review point has been resolved in the Comment box;

  4. Update the status drop-down menu to 100%;

  5. Tick the Resolved box;

  6. Alternatively, select the Resolved box first to update the status drop-down menu to 100%.

  7. Once the creator of the Review Point is satisfied it has been actioned appropriately, they can clear the Review Point by selecting the Cleared tick box.


TIP: Do not provide large amounts of detail in the 'Comments' box when resolving a review point. The comments box should include brief comments and a reference to where the audit work resolving the query has been completed.


Mark all Review Points as Being Completed, Resolved, or Cleared

Provided you've been granted the necessary permission within the Roles and Permissions module, you can mark all Review Points as being completed, resolved, or cleared with one click of the mouse.


To mark all Review Points as being completed, resolved, or cleared at once, simply:

  1. Select the Options drop-down menu;

  2. Select the relevant button as required;

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