Firm templates that contain content from industry templates

If you've created a firm template that contains content provided in the industry templates, then the programs located in your firm template will receive the notifications that we've discussed above.

Within the firm template, you will need to follow the same procedures to determine whether to accept or reject the updates. If you do accept the updates, you will need to apply the updates into any files that were created from this firm template, and are in progress at the time that you accept the updates.

To apply the new content to your engagement files, simply follow this process within your firm template:

  1. Access Edit Mode of the program and accept the changes;

  2. Navigate to the top of your program until you see the following;

  3. Select the update revision button, to send notifications to each client file that is based upon this template;

  4. The individual client files will now receive notifications as discussed previously.

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