The Working Paper Index contains a series of folders which the respective areas of your engagement are stored, similar to a paper based file (e.g. planning, completion sections). Each folder is named and numbered for easy navigation and the programs, checklists and other documents contained in the folders can be accessed by simply clicking anywhere on the folder to expand it.

TIP: Folders in MyWorkpapers are similar to dividers in a paper based system, but are more efficient

Closed Folder

Opened Folder

Columns in a Folder

A brief description of what each of these columns are and their purpose is detailed in the following diagram:

Reording Folders

If you wish to change the order of the folders, simply:

  1. Identify the folder in the Working Paper Index which you want to move;

  2. On the green folder icon, left click and hold until your mouse pointer changes into multi-headed arrow;

  3. Drag and drop the folder to the desired location;

  4. Your changes will be shown.

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