Basic rules

When using MyWorkpapers, there are some basic rules which you need to know in order to use it to its full potential. These basic rules are summarised in the below table:



All information is automatically saved unless otherwise stated.

Automatic saving of all data ensures that your work is always backed up and you are never at risk of loss of data.

Back and forward buttons Unlike some other web-based applications, in MyWorkpapers you are able to freely use the forward and back buttons on your browser, without fear of loss of data or causing errors.
Tabs and windows

You are free to open various programs, checklists, forms, and any feature or function in additional browser windows or tabs in MyWorkpapers.

Multiple users There is no limit on how many users can access a file in MyWorkpapers. All changes made by users are updated and shown in real-time. If at any point you cannot see the changes made by another user, simply refresh your browser screen to see the updates.
Internet connection

As MyWorkpapers is cloud-based, you will need an internet connection at all times to be able to access the application.

In the event that your internet connection drops out whilst using MyWorkpapers, all of your work to date will have been automatically saved and ready for you to use when your connection is back up and running.


If a feature, function or particular workpaper is causing errors, we suggest that you refresh your browser, as this will fix 95% of problems encountered.

To refresh your browser, simply:

  • Press F5;
  • Press Ctrl + R; or
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + R (this performs a full refresh and clears out the cache also)
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