Displaying uncreated files



Displaying Uncreated Files and Creating New Files

  1. Select the options button on the right hand side of the screen;
  2. Select the tick box for Show files not yet started. Note this search can be filtered by Period or Type;
  3. In addition to creating files through My Files, new files can be created using Workflow Manager. Select Create file;

  4. Select the template, prior period, period year end and period start date. Select either create, create and open file, or create and roll forward file;

Inactive Clients

A client may be made inactive in Workflow Manager to ensure they do not appear on the files not yet started list and a file is not created occidentally for lost clients.

  1. Select Mark client as inactive;
  2. To re-active clients select My Files and Clients;
  3. Select the Client and the Business tab;

  4. Select tickbox for Client is active?
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