Trial Balance Import

You will now be guided through the trial balance import process.

Step 1 - Locate and Select Import Trial Balance

1. From the Working Paper Index, click on the Trial Balance button

2. Select Import Trial Balance



Step 2 - Select Method of Import 

  1. After clicking import trial balance, you'll be taken to our integrations page 

  2. Select your source of import 


  3. For Quick Books  
  4. For Xero 
  5. For Sage 
  6. For Iris
  7. For CSV 

Step 3 - Locating your CSV file

1. When importing a CSV document into My Workpapers, the 1st step you come across is locating your file


2. By clicking choose file, you'll be exported to your file explorer on your desktop 



3. Select the CSV you wish to import and click upload.


Step 4 - Specifying the Trial Balance columns




Step 3 - Trial Balance check

  1. Ensure the Account #, Accounts, Debit, Credit and Prior Year columns are correctly specified to the trial balance being imported;


  2. Ensure the debits and credits of the trial balance agree at the bottom of the screen;

  3. Select the period being imported, being either interim or current year;


  4. Click OK to confirm the period being imported is correct;


  5. This will then import the Trial Balance, Once completed you'll see:


6. From here you can then either go into the trial balance you've just uploaded and begin mapping or return to the Working Paper Index

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