Trial Balance Import Wizard

You will now be guided through the import process with our Import Wizard. For your convenience, we have summarised the three key steps below:

Step 1 - Selecting the file for import

  1. Click on the Browse button;

  2. Browse through your local computer to find the saved trial balance;

  3. Click on the trial balance to select it;

  4. Click Open;

  5. Click on the blue Upload button.


Step 2 - Specifying the Trial Balance columns

  1. Select the header line of the trial balance;

  2. Select the appropriate Account Code, Account, Debit and Credit columns of the trial balance using the drop down menus;

  3. Tick the appropriate import properties boxes;

  4. Select the appropriate Trial Balance Type to automatically map the trial balance, if applicable (currently only available for trial balances generated from Sage handisoft products);

  5. Click Next.


Step 3 - Trial Balance check

  1. Ensure the Account #, Accounts, Debit and Credit columns are correctly specified to the trial balance being imported;

  2. Ensure the debits and credits of the trial balance agree at the bottom of the screen;

  3. Select the period being imported, being either interim, initial or previous year;

  4. Click OK to confirm the period being imported is correct;

  5. Click Import;

  6. Your trial balance has now been successfully imported into MyWorkpapers and is ready for mapping.

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