Filtering the client list

Within your client list you can complete both basic and advanced searches of your clients.


Basic Search

To complete a basic search of your client list, simply:

  1. Access the Client list;

  2. Type the name of your client into the search box;

  3. Select the search button;
  4. Your client will now appear.

Alternatively, you can also search by the first letter of a client's name, by selecting the relevant letter from the alphabet index.


To remove the search function, simply select the black cross in the search results box.


Advanced Search

To complete an advanced search, simply:

  1. Select the type of search that you would like to complete from the Select Filters drop down menu;


    Note: you can search more than one field at once.

  2. Your Advanced Search field will now appear. At any time you can remove this field by selecting the black cross in the top right-hand corner;


  3. Select the Update Search Filter button;

  4. Your results will now display.


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