Issues uploading a CSV Trial Balance

Some common issues found while uploading a CSV Trial Balance are noted below.

BGL CSV Trial Balance Import

Issue Response
BGL CSV Trial Balance Import won’t import. Try importing the Trial Balance through the Custom CSV import option.
After Trial Balance Import the Balance Sheet and/or Income Statement are incorrect.
  • Check the number of rows imported in MyWorkpapers (see counter) to the number of rows that should have been imported.
  • If a row is missing check the mapping. The Lead Schedule Summary (LSS) column and the Lead Schedule (LS) require the same letter and number otherwise are not imported.
Not all Members are being imported/mapped Currently the template contains mapping for up to 8 members. Additional Members can be added to the template
Trial Balance does not map all accounts.

It may be required for you to add additional accounts and mapping into your copy of the template provided.

MyWorkpapers does not create the mapping, rather the CSV file creates the mapping. If an account is not mapped before import the user will be unable to select the mapping from the drop-down menu in MyWorkpapers.

Data not pulling from BGL TB Export sheet to Trial Balance into Auditflow TB Import Sheet. The original export from BGL must have the fund name starting at cell B3. Sometimes the export places this information in A1 so the entire Trial Balance must be cut and pasted into starting at B3.

Custom CSV Trial Balance Import

Issue Response
Trial Balance does not equal zero. In a Custom CSV Trial Balance import the difference is often the profit figure.
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