Issues with the Trial Balance import from Class, BGL 360 or Supermate

Common issues experienced with a Trial Balance from Class, BGL 360 and Supermate are discussed below.

Reimporting the Trial Balance from Class/Simplefund 360 or Supermate

Issue Response
The Administrator has updated the figures after the Trial Balance was imported.

The Trial Balance can be reimported which will simply update the figures. Make sure ‘delete existing imported data’ is NOT ticked.

To keep the current mapping of the Trial Balance, ensure you tick the 'Reset previously mapped values' tickbox.

The incorrect Trial Balance was imported.
  • To change the details of the import, click on each of the padlocks next to the fund details to unlock and change the information.
  • Select the  ‘Delete existing imported data’ tickbox which will delete data but also delete any work carried out on the Lead Schedule Summary/Lead Schedule (tickmarks, comments, supporting documents).
  • You can opt to reset the Accounting Structure at this point as well if needed.
(Supermate only) Fund data not available when importing 
  • Ensure you have ticked the 'Import prior year trial balance' box to include the prior year figures in your file
  • If you see the 'The financial year is not closed' error message appear, check that the accounts for the period have been finalised in Supermate, then try to import again.
Cannot access the fund list
  • Confirm that you are logged into the correct integration. 
  • Go to the Edit Profile section, then open the Integrations tab to reset the connection to Class/Simplefund 360/Supermate and login again, ensuring you're connecting to the correct firm for the fund you're importing.

Roll Forward Files with Class/Simplefund 360 or Supermate Trial Balance import

Issue Response
There are mapping issues in my Trial Balance in a roll forward file.
  • When a file is rolled forward it does not automatically reimport the Trial Balance; instead all accounts from the prior year file are copied into the new file and their Final figures are moved to the new file's prior period figures. This means that any changes made by the Administrator are not reflected on the rolled forward file.
  • Reimporting the Trial Balance will replace these figures with updated amounts from the Class/Simplefund 360/Supermate file.
  • Selecting the ‘Delete existing imported data’ when importing the Trial Balance will allow any changes to figures and mapping to be reflected. Note this will delete data but also delete any work done on the Lead Schedule Summary/Lead Schedule (tickmarks, comments and reference links).
  • Alternatively should you wish to retain these details, the 'Reset previously mapped values' option will leave the current accounts in the Trial Balance, but will refresh them to the current value in the imported data. This will also retain the current mapping of the Trial Balance import


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