Adding an account to the Trial Balance

New accounts can be added to the Trial Balance by using journal entries.

Add an Account

  1. Select Journal Entries in a file;

  2. Complete the 'Journal Description' and select add; 

  3. Select Adjusted as the 'Type of Adjustment'; 
  4. Select 'Add a custom account' and complete the Account Code, Account Name, and the necessary Debit or Credit;
  5. To balance the adjusted journal select any existing account;
  6. Add balancing figure to the journal;
  7. The new account and the adjusted journal entry can now be found in the Trial Balance;

  8. Map the newly created account to the appropriate lead schedule;

  9. In Journal Entries select delete to delete the adjusted amounts;

  10. Under File, select 'Edit Mode' if you need to edit the figures;

  11. Manually type the relevant amounts;

  12. Refresh the page in your browser or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R;

  13. And the newly created account and figures will be updated;
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