Adding a Review Point

The default Review Points included in MyWorkpapers are:

Review Points The default type which any staff member is able to use.
Audit Action Points A list of items that are required to be actioned by audit staff prior to the completion of the engagement.
Client Action Points A list of items to be discussed with the client or awaiting their action.
Notes for Reviewer Attention/Draft Qualifications and EOM Paragraphs Review Points specifically for the Manager's or Partner's attention, as well as any significant issues or qualifications encountered.
Management Letter Notes A category to list all potential issued to be raided in the Management Letter to the client.
Internal Control Deficiencies Identified A category to list all potential internal control deficiencies in the engagement to be raised in the Management Letter to the client.

There are three basic ways in which you can add various Review Point types to a file. The first is through the Review Points tab, located on the functionality toolbar, the second is through the Working Paper Index, and the third is through the table at the bottom of a workpaper.

Each of these methods are explained in detail below.



Through the Quick Add Menu

When anywhere in the file you are able to quickly add a new Review Point from the Quick Add menu which is attached to the Review Points tab on the functionality toolbar. To do this, simply:

  1. Click on the + icon attached to the Review Points tab;

  2. On the pop up screen;

    1. Select the review point type;

    2. Update the workpaper reference (if required);

    3. Add the review point matter; and

    4. Assign the review point to a staff member;

   5. Click Create.

Through the Review Points Summary

  1. In the Working Paper Index of your client, click on the Review Points tab on the functions toolbar;

  2. On the Review Points screen, select the add New Review Point button;

  3. Select the type of review point from the drop down list;

  4. Insert a description of the review point or action item required into the Matter box;

  5. In the W/P Ref box, begin typing the reference number or description of the workpaper which you want the review point to be attached to and select the appropriate workpaper;

  6. Assign the Review Point to a member of the engagement team (this field is optional) from the drop down menu;

  7. Your new Review Point will now be displayed.


Through the WPI

  1. Open the B Administration folder in the Working Paper Index;

  2. Navigate to the B series of documents in the folder;

  3. Open the desired Review Point type;

  4. Add review points for the selected type, as you would through the Review Points tab.


TIP: Open the desired review point type as a separate window in your browser and keep it open during your audit or Manager/Partner review


Through a Workpaper - Review Points Table

  1. Open a workpaper from the Folder and browse to the Review Points Table at the bottom of the workpaper;

  2. Add a review point as you would through the Review Points tab;
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