Engagement partner completion

Once sufficient and appropriate evidence has been obtained and uploaded into MyWorkpapers and the engagement partner is ready to sign the report, the file is now ready to be marked as complete by the engagement partner.

Marking the file as complete will set the completion statistics of the file to 100% and will indicate that the engagement partner is satisfied with the work completed.

To set the file as complete, simply:

  1. Go to the client file you are currently working on;

  2. From the top navigation bar, go to the File menu, click in the dropdown list and select Completion and Archive;

  3. On the first half of the screen, the engagement partner should read and edit the conclusion as appropriate; mceclip0.png

  4. Once satisfied, tick the Partner Sign-off File box;

  5. A pop-up box will appear to confirm that the engagement partner is satisfied that all required tasks have been completed. Click OK to mark the file as completed.

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