Printing and storing a file offline

Once the file has been marked as completed and has been set for archive and lockdown, or at any stage during the engagement, you can print individual workpapers or the file in total to PDF or your local printer.

Whilst MyWorkpapers is a secure online method for storing your client files, there may be times when you need to store your file on your local server or print the file to hard copy.


Printing Individual Workpapers

To print or save an individual workpaper, simply:

  1. Open the workpaper from the Working Paper Index;

  2. Once in the individual workpaper, click on the File menu from the function toolbar and select Print > Print View;


  3. The workpaper will then be displayed in a print-friendly version, with the print options toolbar being  displayed at the top of the screen;

  4. To print the page to your local printer, click on the Print icon and follow the prompts from your local printer; OR

  5. To save the file as a PDF to your local drive, click on the PDF icon and follow the prompts.

NOTE: Select print view (content only) to print your page without the completion status along the top.


Printing the Complete File

To print or save the complete file, simply:

  1. Ensure you are in the Working Paper Index of the client (i.e. not in an individual workpaper);

  2. Click on the File dropdown menu and select Export > Export entire file as ZIP Archive;

  3. A pop-up box will appear to confirm that you want to continue saving the file as a PDF, click OK to proceed;

  4. The conversion to PDF may take several minutes, with larger files taking more time to convert. Please be patient and do not refresh or exit your browser window;

  5. Once the conversion has been completed a pop-up menu will appear to prompt you to save the zip file containing the PDFs comprising the file;

  6. To print the file to your local printer, open the PDF(s) contained in the zip folder and print as per normal.

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