Copying workpapers from other files

Copying workpapers from other files

If you ever forget to bring through a specific document from a rolled-forward file or are even just looking for a specific document to add to your file, the Copy Workpapers from other files feature allows you to do this.

Below we have put together a guide to show you how you can do this and what steps you will need to take;

1. From inside the Working Paper Index, go to the Working paper Index drop-down and select “Copy Workpapers from other files”



2. You will then move into the section where you will be finding the document that you require. From this section you can either search by;

  • A file name (This is advised if you are looking for a document that was part of a previous year's file or another client file in which you want the same document)
  • Template name (You can search by a template name, for example, if you are working on a Limited Companies 16.0 template and would like an alternative version of an A32 FRS Checklist, you can search Limited Companies 16.0)



3. Once you have searched and found the file or template you wish to copy the document from. Tick the document you wish to import from the relevant folder.

N.B - You can select multiple documents or whole folders if required




4. Now you have selected the document you require, we need to ensure the Import Options are correct. Please see the below options and what they do;


Import Data – Tick to import references and comments from a workpaper (Does not import procedures or workpaper sign-off details.)


Override existing workpaper if the document being imported already exists – Tick to replace existing documents with the new document if a reference is already in use. For Example, if you rolled forward a file with an old Audit plan and needed to replace this with an updated version of the audit Plan. The old version will be replaced directly without the risk of duplicate audit plans within your file.


Force import in new folders – Tick to import workpaper with duplicate reference numbers into a new separate folder.


Reorder Working Paper Index – Tick to order your imported folders or files in alphabetical order.


Import all customiser questions – Tick to import the customiser questions from a file or firm template. Important to select if setting up a new firm template. For example, if you were importing a programme or checklist in because this was accidentally deleted, you would select this option to ensure that it will link to the customiser.


Once you have reviewed all these options and selected what you believe to be necessary, please hit the import button at the bottom.

Once the Import has been completed, you will be greeted with a completion tick on the right-hand side of the page. You can then go back to your Working Paper Index, and you will see the document has now been added to your file;




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