Updating firm settings

The settings menu allows you to manage and update the details of your firm. All of the information in the Firm Settings function can be edited by simply accessing the appropriate tab and updating the details in the fields provided, with all information being saved automatically. 

When inside the firm settings, you will find the following categories;  

  • Subscriptions 
  • Primary Contact Details 
  • Engagement Partner Details 
  • Regional Settings
  • Practice Details 
  • Practice Location 
  • Tickmarks 
  • Assertions 
  • Archived Files 
  • LiveSheet (Beta)  



Here you will find listed all current active subscriptions your firm currently holds. Within the table you will be shown the following information; 

  • Subscription Reference number 
  • Subscription name 
  • Licenses Used 
  • License limit 
  • Type of Licenses 
  • Subscription start date  
  • Subscription end date 



Primary Contact Details 

Here you are able to edit the firm's primary contact details. This includes the following; 

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Primary Contact email 
  • Primary Contact phone 
  • Primary Contact Fax 

 If there are multiple primary contacts, you can add an additional one through Engagement Partner Details found in the section below.  


Regional Settings 

Regional Settings allows you to set the same language and default country for the firm across the board.  


Practice Details 

In the practice details, you are able to change the Firm name as it appears on the dashboard and also includes a company website.  

Please note, changing the Firm Name will not affect the firm username when logging in. This only changes the name in the banner at the top of the page.   



Practice Location 

Practice location gives you the ability to enter information such as the street address and a postal address if located elsewhere.  




In the firm settings, you are able to add, remove, and edit tickmarks firm wide. Tickmarks can be assigned depending on the type of file you have created. To learn more about how tickmarks are used, please click here; 



Like Tickmarks, you are able to add or disable assertions that can be used within a file. 



Archived Files and Live Sheet  

Within these two final categories, you will find preferential tick boxes. One allowing additional supporting documents to be added to files once archived and locked and the second to enable LiveSheets 

For more information on Livesheets, please click here  



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