Thomson Reuters XYZ Financial Accounts (Excel Export)

To export the Trial Balance to an Excel format which is compatible with Thomson Reuters XYZ Financial Accounts, simply:

  1. Access the Trial Balance by clicking on the icon in the functions tool bar;

  2. Click Tools;

  3. Select Export Trial Balance to Excel;

  4. On the pop up screen select the appropriate version of Excel for the file to be saved as, being either Excel 2003 or Excel 2007 onwards;

  5. Click Start Exporting;

  6. When prompted, click Download;

  7. You are now ready to import the Trial Balance into XYZ Financial Accounts.

For instructions on how to import the exported trial balance into Thomson Reuters XYZ Financial Accounts, please visit the XYZ Financial Accounts help centre or get in contact with the Thomson Reuters support team for further assistance.


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