Creating a new External Firm

To create a new External Firm in MyWorkpapers, simply:

  1. Ensure you are on the Dashboard;
  2. On the top navigation bar, click on the My Files menu and select External Firms;

  3. Click on the Add New External Firm button;

  4. Fill in the required basic details for the client on the Create New External Firm screen;
    mceclip3.pngNote: We recommend you create your first external firm user from this screen. Alternatively, you can create External firm users from the External Firms module or the User Access module. See the Help article, Creating External Firm Users.

  5. Click the Create button.

    The external firm will now be displayed in the External Firm List.

To learn how to add an External Firm to an engagement file, see the Help article, Adding and changing External Firms.

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