How to add and remove Tickmarks

Tickmarks can be added to any Lead Schedule within MyWorkpapers.


To add a Tickmark

  1. Open up your Lead Schedule;

  2. Identify the account row that you want to add the Tickmark to and hover over it, noting it will appear grey;

  3. Click within the Tickmark column to bring up the list of Tickmarks;

  4. Then select the Tickmark icon or name to add it to the Lead Schedule, noting that you can select multiple Tickmarks at once;

  5. To close the Tickmark menu, just select click off the menu on any part of the page.


To remove a Tickmark

  1. Open up the Tickmarks menu by clicking within the Tickmarks column;

  2. Select the Tickmark to remove it;

  3. You will now see that the background colour of the Tickmark has returned to white and it has been removed from the Lead Schedule.

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