Updating the status and details of files



Setting the File Status

From the Workflow Manager Menu

  1. In the Status column you can change the status at any time by hovering your mouse over the current status which allows you to change the status to the next level with one click;
  2. Alternatively, by clicking on the status description you can select a new status from the drop-down menu.

From a File

  1. The status of a file can also be updated directly from the Work Paper Index by clicking on Status.

Email Notifications

  1. A status that contains an envelope symbol beside the description can be used to notify a staff member of a change in status;
  2. By selecting the status 'Ready for manager review' a screen will appear allowing you to select the staff member and add a message;
  3. Click the Notify button to send the message.


Status History

The history of status for each file can be viewed by clicking on the status description and selecting History.

Setting Deadlines

A Deadline can be set for each file. Firms may wish to set an Internal Deadline or Statutory Reporting Deadline.

  1. Click on the line in the Deadline box;
  2. Select the date from the calendar.

Adding and Deleting Staff on the Engagement Team

Before a staff member can access a file, they must have been added to the engagement team of the file. This provides an additional layer of protection to potentially sensitive client information by restricting the files to only those within the firm who require access.

In addition to adding staff through My Files, staff can be added and deleted using Workflow Manager.

File Notes

You can add comments or notes about each file in Workflow Manager.

  1. Click on the new comment icon next to the filename;
  2. Select Add new note'
  3. Enter the note and select Save.

Archive Status and Countdown

  1. The Workflow Manager displays the file archive status and countdown or date archived.
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