Suspending, deleting and activating Users

Within MyWorkpapers, you are able suspend, delete and activate users throughout the User Access module, when the team member or external user either temporarily leaves the firm (e.g. maternity leave) or permanently and is no longer employed by the firm. This is completed by choosing the Status of the user, being either active, suspended or deleting the user.

  • Active users are able to login and are able to access audit files.
  • Suspended users are not able to login and are not able to attempt to log in via the Forget Your Password link.
  • Deleted users are permanently removed from the firms User Access module. If you later wish to reactivate the user, you will need to set up a new account through the User Access module. 

Suspending, Deleting or Activating Staff

To suspend, delete or activate a user, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the User Access module;

  2. Identify the users which you want to edit the status of;

  3. Click the respective Activate, Suspend or Delete button against the appropriate user;

  4. If you choose to delete a user; you will see the message "Are you sure to permanently delete this staff account?";

  5. Select OK to proceed.


Suspending, Deleting or Activating Multiple Staff

To activate, suspend or delete multiple users at once, simply:

  1. Tick the box against the appropriate multiple users on the left hand side of the screen;

  2. Click either the Suspend Multiple or Delete Multiple button as appropriate.

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