Downloading and printing your LiveDoc

Once you have finished editing your LiveDoc, you can chose to print or download your document to a Word Document.

To print your document to your local printer or to PDF, simply select your print options from the file menu as you would with any other document in MyWorkpapers.


To download your document to a Word Document, simply:

  1. Open your LiveDoc;

  2. Select the Download as Word Document button;

   3. Depending on your web-browser, you can choose to open or save your Word Document.


Tips for Printing LiveDocs

  • Do not expect this conversion process to create a 1:1 clone of the LiveDoc in Word format - some formatting may be slightly different in the Word document.

  • We also recommend selecting all text (shortcut: Ctrl + A) and removing the space placed after each paragraph.

  • Bank Confirmations (and other LiveDocs contained shaded tables) must be printed to PDF before printing to your local printer or the shaded cells in your tables won't be displayed.


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